4 Juni 2009

Preventing Bipolar Disorder

Although bipolar disorder usually can not be cured or avoided entirely, you may be able to help prevent manic episodes and mood swings, working with your doctor to develop an effective treatment process .

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Bipolar Disorder Find the quality of psychiatric care. Feel comfortable, respected and able to speak honestly about your condition with your doctor is essential to the process of coping and treatment for bipolar disorder. You need to know that you can trust your doctor to listen to their concerns and thoughts about their treatment. It may be useful to ask for recommendations from other doctors or patients to find the best doctor for you .

Keep a regular routine of daily exercise. Not just the exercise to help elevate your mood, but also help implement the structure in your day by setting a timetable. Keep your body in shape is an effective way to feel stronger physically and emotionally to any conditions, including bipolar disorder .

sure to get plenty of sleep and maintain a regular schedule in terms of what time go to bed and wake up every day. Lack of sleep can lead to manic episodes. It is therefore important to be well rested and avoid major changes in their schedule of sleep, such as travel long distances involving several time zones. You can talk to your doctor about using sleep aids, such as medication, if you have trouble sleeping at night or sleeping .

Eat well-balanced, healthy and avoiding caffeine , meals whenever possible. Talk to your doctor about the vitamins and nutrients that may help treat his bipolar disorder. Also, avoid alcohol, especially when taking medication, and alcohol may offset the positive effects of medication .

take your medication, even when you feel healthy. There is sometimes a tendency among people with bipolar disorder stop taking their medications when they feel happy or even a high manic episode. It is important to keep your mood stable by taking medication every day, regardless of their mood on that day .

reduce the stress in their daily lives at home and work. Some people with bipolar disorder have difficulty to work full time due to job stress and the constant is useful for less strenuous work or part of the schedule, whenever possible. Try not to take more responsibility in your home that can be managed, such as stress can trigger a manic episode.

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